Ah, the excitement of a high school prom!  We had the privilege of helping out with the Foley High School prom this year.  We had some experience in the area a couple of years ago before the founding of Sweet Southern Scratch, so we brought a tidbit of info with us…the kids won’t eat traditional party fare.  Why?  Part of the excitement of prom night is going out on the town before and after all the dancing.  That’s right!  Most of these high school students are going to first celebrate the evening with photos, go to a fancy restaurant, grab some more photos, dance a little, take some more selfies, nibble at the dance food, dance some more and take more selfies from the dance floor, work up a great sweat & thirst and finally finish the evening with a very early breakfast!  The part we figured out?  They want a lot to drink and little tiny tidbits of food during the prom because they eat before and after.  We made sure that we had plenty of water, lemonade & sweet tea to prevent dehydration for all of those Macarena dances!  After a lot of brainstorming, we came up with the idea of mini-dessert glasses.  Yep, just that simple.  We made key lime pie, peanut butter pie, banana pudding, strawberry shortcake and dirt cake.  Each variety got their own special topping such as a slice of lime, a vanilla wafer or even a gummy worm!  They were a HIT!  Simple and fun!  SUCCESS!

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