Chelsea & Micah were married overlooking the bay. There was a nice summer breeze as guests buzzed with excitement. After a picture-perfect ceremony, everyone moved inside where we had created a sprawling buffet for their guests. This room had glass on three sides with the main side again looking out over the water. It was indeed a picturesque offering.


Whether 7 or 70, all enjoyed the candy station! The crystal containers allowed even the little ones to be dazzled by the colors of the day. There was almost always a line for this one!  I’m actually glad we had candy for the containers.  It took some crafty camouflage of the box so that the family candy hounds didn’t find it before hand and raid the bags of confectionery delights!


Who can pass up refreshing fruit, especially these plump strawberries.  Here’s a bit of trivia for you.  Did you know that at one time, Castleberry, Alabama was the strawberry capital of the world?  Well, that’s at least what they tell folks.  And maybe the next time, you’re in Baldwin County on the second weekend of April, you can visit the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival.  It’s always fun to work with the fruits of the season so that we get the biggest and best and these were no exception.  Yum!


The chocolate fountain brings out the kids in everyone. Mix in homemade creme puffs stuffed with gooey pudding and it just doesn’t get much better! Filled with a wonderful creme sauce, these were just big enough to leave the chocolate evidence on the corners of your mouth and the pudding dripping down your shirt.  But, oh what a way to get marked!


Unlike most of the fun food on the chocolate fountain table which required a dipping stick, these bright cherries came with their own stem handle. The guys just had to be careful not to take home extra on their ties!


The crudite’ table offered up refreshing veggies and fruits, complete with complimenting dips. We love doing these tables because they make such a fantastic statement. Pineapples and peppers, cukes and carrots…there’s something for everyone on this table!


Presentation is very important to us. Sure, our food speaks for itself in taste, but we always love taking it to the next level on how it looks!

Sweet Southern Scratch specializes in real food for real people along the Alabama Gulf Coast. We serve Gulf Shores, Alabama and surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Orange Beach, Foley, Fairhope, Daphne, the Eastern Shore, Robertsdale and all of Baldwin County, Alabama.